The Ultimate difference between Canon 1DX Mark ii Vs 1Dx Mark iii

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”

— Marc Riboud

Canon has been evolving since 10 August 1937, 82 years ago the company entered the field of Digital Cameras, Lenses, Camcorders & Printers. Now in the year, 2020 Canon has launched Canon 1Dx Mark iii which is far better than its previous version Canon 1DX Mark ii. Canon 1DX Mark ii Vs 1Dx Mark iii

Canon 1DX Mark iii has several new features that were longing in the old Canon 1DX mark ii. The mark series has always been famous among photographers as the best in the world of cameras. The mighty metallic body is power-packed with compact features to make it stand out.

Canon 1DX Mark iii the out of the box artistic toolkit has the extraordinary low-light performance. Hence even in the dark Canon 1DX Mark iii is compelling. Quick, to the point, and powerful this camera doesn’t settle on quality at any level. Making films with this camera is a bliss, it snaps a  full-frame 4K 60p or 5.5K RAW footage that are the doors to the next level creativity for a passionate videographer.

In this blog let us discuss the major difference in Canon 1DX Mark ii Vs 1Dx Mark iii. 

           Canon 1DX Mark ii          Vs         1Dx Mark iii. 

difference between Canon 1DX Mark ii Vs 1Dx Mark iii

Launching date and Price

  • Canon 1DX Mark iii was launched in Jan 2020, Price approx 5,75,995  rs in comparison to 1Dx Mark ii which was launched in the year 2016 at approximately 4,41,495 rs. The variance in the price is limited.

Body type, Weight and Battery life

  • Both Canon 1DX Mark ii and 1DX Mark iii have the equivalent metallic large SLR body, but there is a variation in weight. Canon 1DX Mark iii is lighter in weight compared to the previous version. Canon 1Dx Mark iii is 1440 g where Canon 1DX ii is 1530 g (including batteries). Hence the newer version is a bit easier to carry.

Sensor and processor

  • Canon 1DX Mark ii and 1DX Mark iii both have the Full-frame 36 x 24 mm sensor with the same maximum resolution of 5473 x 3648 and effective pixel of 20.2 (in millions).
  • The processor has been changed. DIGIC X makes 1DX Mark iii faster than 1DX mark ii’s Dual DIGIC 6+ processor enhancing the speed of functionality of the camera.
  • The battery is added plus point in the more latest version that changed from 1210 to 2850 (cipa). This upgrade is just astonishing, with such powerful on-time Mark iii becomes one of the prime choices in the market.

ISO and Shutter –

  • One big update in the latest version is the ISO, which is far higher than the Mark ii model of 100 – 102400/50 – 819200 when in the previous version which was 100 – 51200 / 50 – 409600. This is the reason why the Mark iii model gives exceptionally great results in even low-light. A must buy reason for this camera.
  • If we talk about the shutter speed both the Canon 1DX Mark ii and 1DX Mark iii have the same range of a minimum of 30 seconds and a maximum of 1/8000. Hence no changes here.
  • In the case of continuous drive, the Canon 1DX mark iii has 20 frames per second (fps) compared to 16 fps in the mark ii version. This will help photographers to work on frames profoundly and create efficient output.

Storage and Connectivity 

  • Canon 1DX mark iii is preferred in both storage and connectivity compared to the canon mark ii. 1DX mark iii has CFexpress  type B dual slot and USB3  3.1 Gen

Screen and Format – 

  • Canon Mark iii has 2,100,000 Touch compared to Canon Mark ii which has 1,620,000 Touch (dots) making the image clearer in the latest version.