#The Best Video Editing Software in 2020

People are now turning from photography to Videography. In the year 2020 the market for video consumption was relinquished to new altitudes. With the growth of the internet, videos are being consumed at a high rate. With the great increase in the demand for video consumption, there has been a rise in the art of video production as well.

The mystery behind great videos is not the quality of the camera. It is the editing software you are handling. With some exceptional editing software in the market, anyone can become a movie-maker. 

In this blog, we will discuss the latest software in the market for video editing in 2020 with the latest update.

  • Adobe premiere pro CC (Paid)

Price – $19.99/month

 latest video editing software in 2020

Adobe has always ruled the video editing software market. This software is constantly updated to provide new editing features to its user base. Adobe premiere pro CC works smoothly on both Windows and IOS and easy to learn on youtube or Udemy. 

What’s new :

  • Auto reframe feature – Allows intelligently to reframe a clip based on the clip size. 
  • Timer Mapping – Previously the amount to timer mapping was limited, now this mapping amount has been increased up to 20000%. 
  • Audio and sound adjustability increase – Earlier the software allowed audio and sound adjustable to 6 DB only, now it has been increased to 15 DB.
  • Improved Graphics panel (more formatting option) 
  • Apple – Final Cut Pro X (paid)

Price$299 (One time Price)

Adobe premiere pro CC

Apple cut pro is now steadily giving competition to the adobe video editing software. Well, this software is better then adobe in certain areas. It allows a lot of Pre-defined plugins and tools which become handier. For example, the transition function of the Final cut pro is far more superior and advanced. The Final cut pro also allows adding the VFX effect easily with the same platform compared to Adobe where you have to download separate software.

What’s new – 

  • Improved playback and accelerates rendering, compositing, and exporting.
  • powerful third-party apps that are integrated directly into the interface
  • Remove visual noise 
  • Improved GPU control and more optimized for Mac
  • Da Vinci Resolve by Black magic (FREE)

Black magic DaVinci Resolve is reaching the heart in the video editing software field. This software, unlike Final cut pro and Adobe premiere, is free of cost. Da Vinci Black Magic is gaining popularity slowly in the market and becoming editors favorites video editing software of 2020. With exceptional color grading capability compared to its competitor it also brings out the dynamic range in the footage which is not possible in the Adobe premiere pro cc or Final cut pro.

Da Vinci Resolve by Black magic

What’s new – 

  • Dual Timeline
  • Dedicated Trim Interface

  • Intelligent Edit Modes

  • Fast Review

  • Quick Export

  • Portable Editing

Filmore by WonderShare is a great free software for beginners. It is easy and free to kickstart. 

Well one advice to all the video editors is to keep on trying and learning this art, as it consists of a great promised future. With the quick update and the rising technology and the huge video consumption in today’s time, VideoGraphy is going to rule the market. To get more updates on the best Video editing software of 2020 to follow our page.